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Taylor Seville Magic Clip Small 6pcs, 12pcs

Taylor Seville Magic Clip Small 6pcs, 12pcs

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Item Code: TS-01603 

Magic Clips are super strong clips for holding together fabric and leather assemblies.
These clips do not feature dimples or texturing, so they're safe to use on delicate leather and other soft fabrics

Package: 6 pcs or 12 pcs

Color: Blue & Green


  • Magic Clip Big 12pc- This clip is flat enough you can sew right over, as long as the needle clears the clip by 1/8"
  • Precise markings 
  • Stainless Steel
  • Wide enough to hold multiple layers of fabric and lays flat when closed
  • It comes in a package


  • Great alternative to pins, especially when working with vinyls, piles and heavy weight fabrics
  • Holds layered sections of sewing projects such as, handle connectors to handbags, piping, etc. without distortion
  • Holds quilt binding while sewing
  • Easy to see on your work and easy to find when dropped
  • Works well with sergers
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