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StitchnSew Woven Hair Canvas Sew In Interfacing 23" Natural

StitchnSew Woven Hair Canvas Sew In Interfacing 23" Natural

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Item Number : Q2441

StitchnSew Woven Hair Canvas Sew-In Interfacing adds great strength and stability to your project. It has an overall stiff structure used to create intentional form. This also means it can be used with leather, canvas, denim, corduroy, and other heavier fabrics because it offers real control. Coats and jackets, in particular, are commonly tailored with Hair Canvas Interfacing.

Woven interfacing has a grainline and is meant to be cut respective to the grainline of the fabric. It should be used with fabric that has little to no stretch. Since sew-in interfacing is not fused directly onto the fabric, your project will still reveal the natural drape of the fabric. Don’t forget, sew-in interfacing is necessary when you are working with heat-sensitive fabrics or materials.

Product Details

  • Width: 23 Inch
  • Construction: Woven
  • Base Content: 27% Cotton, 30% Animal Hair, 5% Wool, 27% Viscose, 11% Polyester
  • Warp Content: 100% Cotton
  • Weft Content: 40% Animal Hair, 8% Wool, 37% Viscose, 15% Polyester
  • Type: Sew-In
  • Color: Natural
  • Laundering: Dry-Cleanable

* Price per Yard, Roll(25yds)

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