Singer 10 Iron On Patches Denim Blue

Singer 10 Iron On Patches #92

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Item Number: S-00092

Singer 10 Iron On Patches #92 100% cotton, each patch 2" x 3"


1. Preheat iron to "High" or "Cotton" setting for 5 minutes. Never exceed safe ironing temperature for the fabric being patched.

2. Heat fabric where patch is to be applied by running iron over area and pressing area smooth.

3. Place patch adhesive side down on area to be mended.

4. Press firmly and evenly for 45 seconds. Repeat pressing around all edges to make sure patch adheres well.

5. Wait until patch is cool and test for a good seal by trying to lift edges, if necessary, press again.

6. If lifting occurs after washing reapply fabric following the directions above.