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riri Stab Puller with Universal Body Slider

riri Stab Puller with Universal Body Slider

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Puller/Body Slider Size

riri Stab Puller with Universal Body Slider

Puller Type : Stab

Body Slider Type : Universal

Iconic and exclusive body slider with a unique design.

High performance of the bridge strength enable applications in the military field.

It has an original assembly technology. Available both locking and non-locking.

It can combine technical and aesthetic features in one product, giving importance, at the same time, to technical requirements and the fashion world.

Puller/Body Slider Size : Stab-M/M6

Color : Nickel

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Click here to see or download riri Universal Body Slider Description.


RIRI is the must-have brand, synonym and guarantee of high-quality. Since 1936, it has been the undisputed leader in the production of plastic and metal zippers. 

Today the group is one of the most authoritative producers of high-end zipper and button. Engineering innovation, design research and qualified expertise go into every detail created by Riri Group. 

Every detail created by Riri derives from engineering innovation, refined design and high expertise. Excellence shines in the small components that have made Riri the leading company in the fashion accessories industry.

Most of the prestigious brands of luxury and sportswear choose Riri, Meras and Cobrax zippers and buttons, because they embody the company’s peerless dedication to perfection and style.

World-class technology and glamorous yet refined taste meet in products that are designed to be unique.

In a world where conforming to market standard is the rule, they prefer being unique and authentic. Every detail is designed to stand out and make a difference.

This approach to work mirrors the firm’s constant attention to the customer satisfaction, the focus of a process that guides customers from choosing materials and models, to the creation of elements and post-sale assistance.

PACIFIC TRIMMING is also an authorized dealer of riri products. We are both wholesaler and retailer of it.

We can also order the customized items for our customer. It has customization options for zippers if customer wants to make any of their designs.

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