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Preciosa Hotfix Rhinestone Crystal

Preciosa Hotfix Rhinestone Crystal

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Preciosa Hotfix Flatback Stones Color Chart

Preciosa Color Genuine Czech Hotfix Flat Back Stones

Preciosa hotfix Flatback Stones feature a special low-melting-point adhesive that guarantees easy and precise application to a variety of textiles. This assortment also features a patented interlayer for better adhesion and prolonged durability.

Size : 9 Sizes
- ss6 (1.9–2.1mm) 
  ss10 (2.7–2.9mm)
  ss12 (3.0–3.2mm) 
  ss16 (3.8-4.0mm)
  ss20 (4.6-4.8mm)
  ss30 (6.3-6.5mm)
  ss34 (7.0-7.3mm)
  ss40 (8.35-8.65mm)
  ss48 (10.95-11.25mm)

Color : Crystal

Application info
This useful guide walks you through the steps of applying hot-fix stones to just about any fabric – including elastic fabrics.

Click here to see or download preciosa hotfix application manual

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