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1 Inch and 1 1/2Inch Polyester Grosgrain Ribbon Tape

1 Inch and 1 1/2Inch Polyester Grosgrain Ribbon Tape

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Polyester Grosgrain Ribbon Tape is great for bow making, cards and scrapbook projects. It also can add interest to your home décor projects. The width of this ribbon makes it ideal for sewing projects as well. Available in variety of sizes and colors.

Material Polyester
price per yard

These goods have been done the quality control well, but please use it after the confirmation that the using purpose will be satisfied.
1. Please don’t use the bleaching agent because of its discoloration.
2. Please use these goods after the confirmation in order to avoid charging its shape, the colors transition, discolor and so on by high temperature steam, press or iron.
3. Please don’t leave transition these goods a long time on the wet condition to avoid the colors transition. If it wet, please dry it immediately.
4. Even if these goods have the same color number, there is a case that the real color is different from the real size.
5. In case the shrinkage rate of our goods is different from that of the sewing cloth, there is a possibility that wrinkles occur. Please confirm the comparative shrinkage rate with cloth beforehand.
6. Before the real production, please do a test sewing and set up the proper sewing conditions to avoid sewing errors and seam puckering.
7. In case of washing in water, please wash these goods weakly by washing machine.

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