Beacon Magna Tac 809 Multiple Sizes

Beacon Magna Tac 809 4 fl oz, 8 fl oz

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Beacon Magna Tac 809 Multiple Sizes

Size : 4 fl oz (113.4 ml), 8 fl oz (226.8 ml)

Magna-Tac 809 is a premium quality fabric glue and has been a favorite among professional designers for decades.  This adhesive won’t soak into fabrics and is much easier to use than a glue gun, as there is no heat or inconvenience.  Magna-Tac 809 is trusted by fashion designers and loved by many! This product is used in the wedding industry, costume design, fashion, competitive dance wear, and many more areas of fabric fashion!

Magna-Tac 809 is also great for practical use, keep it around in case you need to quickly hem or repair your clothes!

Materials It Bonds:

Many Fabrics, Lace, Suede, Ribbons, Canvas to multiple surfaces such as wood, glass, metal, and more!


Tack your different craft materials like leather, wood, fabrics, home decor and wearable art with the Beacon Adhesives Fabri-Tac Permanent Adhesive. This crystal clear no-sew adhesive will not soak and stain your fabrics and can be used to fix laces on bridal wear. You can also use this fast-grab, quick-drying and flexible solution for quick clothing repairs.

Dry Tme:

10 Minutes

Cure Time:

24 Hours

Helpful Hints:

Can be thinned with acetone.