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Dritz Chalk Wheel Kit

Dritz Chalk Wheel Kit

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Item Number: 662

The Dritz Chalk Wheel is great for sewing, quilting or crafting projects. This chalk wheel can be used to mark alterations and draw lines directly on a variety of fabrics. You can later erase the markings by using a slightly damp cloth. This package will include an extra blue and white chalk replacement cartridge.

  • Small wheel rolls smoothly across fabric and disperses an even, fine line of chalk
  • Includes:
  • 1 ct chalk wheel
  • 2 ct White chalk
  • 1 ct Blue chalk

Quantity: 1 Kit

Color: Purple

Instructions & Tutorials

Always test to be sure that marks can be removed from fabric.

  1. Pull chalk holder out of wheel.
  2. Remove cover from refill.
  3. Keeping chalk refill upright, push into wheel.
  4. Roll wheel over fabric to draw lines.
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