Cobrax Custom Snap Fastener Button
Cobrax Custom Snap Fastener Button
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Cobrax Custom Snap Fastener Button

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We have 19+ models,6+ colors, variety sizes of cobrax snap fastener button.

Special order takes longer than standard order. Usually takes at least 6 weeks plus processing time(1-3 business days), MOQ at least 2,000 sets which varies by product.


 Step 1. By Model / By Size 

Cobrax Custom Snap Fastener Guideline Model

Our various types of snap fasteners are available depending on use. Please see the description below and choose the snap model and size.


* Zero / Zero Invisible : Essential. Smooth. Minimal.
Practically ZERO.
The snap that radically innovates the whole idea of fabric fastening.
Zero was inspired by a minimal image.
Zero is also a symbol of rebirth, the starting digit by definition from which you can begin new thought.
It is an essential accessory for modern fashion; it combines aesthetics and practicality, style and discretion.
Models available: ZF (socket ø 10), ZB (socket ø 11), ZC (socket ø 13) and ZG (socket ø 18,5).

Click here to see or download Zero / Zero Invisible Snap Fastener description.

* The new "F" Series : Don’t stop at what appears before your eyes. There is much more than you can make out at first glance.
You can see so much more if you look carefully.
The new “F” series buttons solve many of the limitations of the traditional omega sockets.
Classic look but with a new core for better technical and aesthetic characteristics.
Synthetic material ring, customizable shapes, surprising finishes and special marking are all new for the inner elements of a button that might at first glance might seem like nothing new.
Available socket models FX (ø 8), F1 (ø 9), F3 (ø 12.5) and F4 (ø 14).

Click here to see or download The new "F" Series Snap Fastener description.

* b.Lock : Strong. Safe. Easy. Simply b.Lock.
Innovative snap that combines the normal ease of use with high resistance to lateral traction.
A revolutionary locking system blocks the snap when there’s lateral traction, but releases it for normal functionality once the traction disappears.
Try it, you’ll be surprised!

Click here to see or download b.Lock Snap Fastener description.

* Tra-In : This is an ingenious new button that allows the wearer to perform one small gesture to open or fasten garments with style and reliability.
It is the combination of a classic snap and hook that unifies aesthetics and usability.
It’s simple and accessible, Tra-in has been approved by major fashion clothiers and well-liked for its aesthetic and technology.
Entirely constructed in stainless steel.
Available in two sizes, with ø 12.5 or ø 17 mm socket.

Click here to see or download Tra-In Snap Fastener description.

* GX : Clean and rugged looks. Oversized but lightweight.
A veritable tiny masterpiece.
It’s a unique snap, minimal, neat design that makes it very classy.
No visible fastening system and ample possibilities for customization of sockets and studs in two different positions.

Click here to see or download GX Snap Fastener description.

* New "G" Series : Poetic symmetry, images appearing reflected.
Sockets appear like drilled caps, elegant and distinct.
It’s a new take on the button, a new way of thinking about reversible garments.
Locking system is invisible for both sockets and studs.
Two models are available: GH (socket ø 14) and GN (socket ø 17).

Click here to see or download New "G" Series Snap Fastener description.

* Next : The first snap with subparts that are freely customizable.
No limits to size and shape.
The confounder of all constraints.
Even the functional parts, die cast and treated with originality, now appear as never before.

Click here to see or download Next Snap Fastener description.

* FE : This extra-thin button, just doesn’t want to steal the stage.
The main character has to be the garment it has been applied to.
It just does its job discreetly and efficiently.
Good luck finding a snap that’s more discreet up than this one…

Click here to see or download FE Snap Fastener description.

* Classic : The new look that renews timeless classics.
A shell cap makes two stunning models of omega sockets, with clear markings and brilliant and varied finishes.
Available in two sizes: F2 (ø 9.2) and FS (ø 12.5).

Click here to see or download Classic Snap Fastener description.


* Cover-FH : High class outfit for a classic omega socket, with straight and squared shapes.
Both sockets and studs are capped, with impeccable finishing and customization.

Click here to see or download Cover-FH Snap Fastener description.

* Cover-KS/KM/KG : A full series of customizable capped subparts.
Stylish and lightweight, these snaps are suitable for a wide range of uses.
The sockets have our famous synthetic ring – patented by Cobrax – that has revolutionized snaps.

Click here to see or download Cover-KS/KM/KG Snap Fastener Description.

* Cover-LC : A new look for our traditional product.
The socket with ring becomes cleaner and more rugged, while the stud becomes more prominent.

Click here to see or download Cover-LC Snap Fastener description.

* Slim : Two series of ring sockets perfect for thinner fabrics.
Lower and minimalist sockets and studs are evident on fine fabrics.
The springs are fitted as standard on the famous patented synthetic ring – patented by Cobrax – that revolutionized snaps.

Click here to see or download Slim Snap Fastener description.

* Galaxy : A whole system of applications to browse through.
A wide range of components, especially for the GM model, that can satisfy every aesthetic desire and every application need.
Discover the GM and GF stars!

Click here to see or download Galaxy Snap Fastener description.


* Omega : Complete series of snaps with “omega” sockets.
Soft, progressive functioning for use mainly in sportswear and leather goods.

Click here to see or download Omega Snap Fastener description.

* Ring 1 : Snap series of classic ring sockets.
Sturdy and reliable, they are available with either a metallic or synthetic ring – patented by Cobrax, a revolution in snaps.

Click here to see or download Ring 1 Snap Fastener description.

* Ring 2 : Two-pronged version of snaps with ring sockets.
Safe and versatile high performance even on difficult materials.
Available either with metal or synthetic rings – patented by Cobrax, a revolution in snaps

Click here to see or download Ring 2 Snap Fastener description.

* Ring 3-Flat / Dome : Multi-pronged snaps; the perfect solution for knitwear and shirtswear.
Special models are available for special uses.

Click here to see or download Ring 3-Flat / Dome Snap Fastener description.

* Ring 4 : “Maxi” version of the multi-pronged application system.
They lend character and determination to high-energy garments.

Click here to see or download Ring 4 Snap Fastener description.

Step 2. By Color
Available colors : E2/Nickel, G8/Gold, A5/Antique Brass, U7/Antique Silver, A7/Gunmetal, BM/Black


COBRAX is the most renowned Italian brand that creates button and rivets that, in one word, are iconic. Reference point for the luxury and denim markets, the brand follows four fundamental principles: innovation, quality, beauty and originality.
Cobrax snaps have cleaner looking underparts vs competition. It looks high end and nice inside as well as outside. When you wear your jacket open it looks cleaner and more high end.
Patented Nylon Ring inside of snaps doesn’t corrode, doesn’t make noise, has the same snap action for a lifetime, doesn’t stretch, doesn’t change with temperature, unlike competitions metal rings that stretch, make noise and corrode. Also cobrax finishes can match riri finishes so you have a one stop shopping experience.
The most prestigious brands of luxury and sportswear choose Riri, Meras and Cobrax zippers and buttons, because they embody the company’s peerless dedication to perfection and style.
World-class technology and glamorous yet refined taste meet in products that are designed to be unique.
In a world where conforming to market standard is the rule, we prefer being unique and authentic. Every detail is designed to stand out and make a difference.
This approach to work mirrors the firm’s constant attention to the customer satisfaction, the focus of a process that guides customers from choosing materials and models, to the creation of elements and post-sale assistance.

PACIFIC TRIMMING is also an authorized dealer of cobrax products. We are both wholesaler and retailer of it.
We can also order the customized items for our customer. It has customization options for caps if customer wants to make any of their designs.
It is Unique. It has exclusive patented designs including the zero, tra in, gx, and etc.