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Clover Felting Needle Tool

Clover Felting Needle Tool

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Applique's are easy. All it takes is a light punch.

  • Place the applique over the base fabric and pierce lightly with the Needle Felting Tool.
  • The fibers will become interlaced, attaching the motif to the fabric beautifully. (Repeated piercing produces a fluffy image of the applique on the reverse side of the fabric)

Suitable Materials


  • Felt sheet (50% wool content or more)
  • Natural felt (wool woving)
  • Wool yarn
  • Woven wool fabric

Base Fabric

  • Wool knit
  • Woven wool fabric
  • Felt sheet (50% wool content or more)
  • Felt sheet (acrylic, etc)
  • Woven or knitted cotton fabric


  • Body/Cap: ABS Resin
  • Needle: Steel
  • Safety Cover: Polycarbonate
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