Dritz Beeswax Refill

Dritz Beeswax Refill

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Item Number: 623

Dritz Beeswax comes in a handy holder making it quick and easy to use. Simply lay your thread over the holder and pull through one of the open slots to coat thread along the way. It not only prevents thread from tangling when hand sewing, but also helps to strengthen it. Dritz beeswax will not stain or discolor your thread.

  • Prevents thread from tangling when hand sewing
  • Strengthens thread
  • Handy holder with slots for easy coating of thread
  • Will not stain or discolor thread

Size : 1/3oz (10gm)

Quantity: 1 PC

Color: Natural

Instructions & Tutorials

1. Lay thread end over holder and hold lightly with thumb.
2. Pull thread through a slot to coat.
3. Store in cool, dry location away from intense heat